Steel structures designed with a firm understanding

Welcome to Teracon Design Services. All three of our offices - in Tampere, Turku and Vaasa - employ professional designers, who specialize in both steel and concrete structures. We've designed several buildings, not only in Finland, but elsewhere in Scandinavia, and also in Russia.

For nearly twenty years we've been designing durable structures with steel structure contractors and developers to make them a reality. Together with our clients, we create safe buildings that will last long into the future.

Teracon specializes in the structural design of industrial and public buildings, such as sports halls, hotels and shopping centres. With the ability to give quick quotes, we help our clients in the best way to suit their needs.

We build for the future

A well planned design does not waste materials and creates a lasting structure which works as a functional whole. We ensure that our clients keep to the timetable and stay within the budget, and that is why the best results come when our cooperation is sought as early as possible. Smooth collaboration between everyone participating in the building project leads to the best decisions being made, and an enjoyable work environment. We have a firm understanding of structural design.